Monthly Performance Review of Publicly Offered CII in Ukraine. October 2019

11 November 2019

In October, Ukrainian stock exchanges closed the month with a decline: the UX index lost -2.85%, the PFTS index – -0.56%.

By the rate of return for a month, the sectors of CII with public issue had the following breakdown of the results (YTD): open-ended funds got the first place -1.74% (-1.52% for the month)), closed-end funds took second place -10.49% (-3.36% for the month), interval funds were the third –15.36% (-0.31% for the month).


According to the UAIB, the value of the net assets (NAV) of 17 open-ended CII as at October 31, 2019 amounted to UAH 83.58M. According to the data provided at the end of October, the total decrease of net assets amounted toUAH 2305.67k (-2.68%).

The vast majority of the sector's funds completed the month with a increase in investment and only six recorded a decrease. The scope for rates of return of open-ended funds ranged from +2.56% to -25.79%. 

According to the results of October, the following funds were the leaders of growth in the sector of open-ended CII: 

«VSI» (+UAH 150.66k (+9.45%)) – due to a positive revaluation of the components of the portfolio and due to the additional placement of certificates (+6.72% in circulation), a net inflow of UAH 110.10k was obtained;

«UNIVER.UA/Myhailo Grushevskyi: Fond Derzhavnyh Paperiv» (+UAH 142,59k (+1.90%)) and «Altus – Depozyt» (+UAH 67.66k (+1.59%)) – increase in NAV was due solely to positive revaluation of the portfolio, attracting investors' funds was not recorded.

The following funds made the biggest payments to investors in October:

«OTP Fond Aktsii» (-UAH 1275.59k (-11.29%)) – the largest net outflow in the sector, which is associated with the redemption of certificates from investors (-9.87% in circulation), led to a net capital outflow of UAH 1096.64k; 

«OTP Klasychnyi» (-UAH132.83k (-2.11%)) – the redemption from the fund investors a small number of investment certificates (-3.49% in circulation) resulted in a net capital outflow of UAH 219.07k;

«KINTO-Kaznacheiskyi» (-UAH 147.46k (-5.64%)) – investors' filing for redemption of 777 certificates resulted in losses of the fund of UAH 183.90k.

The list of key players in the sector in October was as follows: «KINTO-Klasychnyi» (35.54% of the total NAV (UAH 29.70M)) took the first place among the open-end CII in terms of market share, the second one was the «OTP Fond Aktsii» (11.99% (UAH 10.02M), the third got the fund «UNIVER.UA/Myhailo Grushevskyi: Fond Derzhavnyh Paperiv» (9.13% (UAH 7.63M)). Fourth place was taken by the fund «OTP Klasychnyi» (7.37% (UAH 6.16M)), the fund «Sofiivskyi» (6.02% (UAH 5.03M)) closes the top five.

The following funds were among the leaders in terms of rate of return:

 «VSI» (+2.56%), «UNIVER.UA/Myhailo Grushevskyi: Fond Derzhavnyh Paperiv» (+1.90%) та «Altus – Depozyt» (+1,59%).

The worst indicators in October were demonstrated by funds: «Bonum Optimum» (-25.79%), «KINTO-Ekviti» (-6.18%) and «Argentum» (-2.29%).


In October, the review included 3 interval CII, whose net assets, according to UAIB, amounted to UAH 2.65M. Compared to the indicators of this sector at the end of the previous month, the total NAV increased by UAH 3.63k (+0.14%).

Leader in terms of rate of return was «PARYTET» (+1.22%), the worst indicators were demonstrated by «TASK UKRAINSKYI KAPITAL» (-0.97%) and «Optimum» (-1.19%).


The net asset value of 2 closed-end CII included in October review, at the end of the month amounted to UAH 12.20M. According to the provided data,due to negative revaluation of investment portfolios the total NAV of these funds decreased by UAH 374.83k (-2.98%).

According to the results of October, «Indeks Ukrainskoi Birzhi» (-UAH 346,50k (-2.98%)) became the leader of growth in the sector - despite the decrease in the components of the investment portfolio due to attracting investors' funds (+0.73% in circulation) received +UAH 82.00k net inflow of capital.

In October, based on the rates of return, funds in the sector had the following breakdown of the results: «TASK Universal» (-3.04%) and «Indeks Ukrainskoi Birzhi» (-3.68%).

Open-ended funds' NAV in 04.2019 - 04.2020

Open-ended funds' NAV at end of April 2020

Fund nameNAV, UAHNumber of investment certificates/shares in circulationNAV per IC/share, UAHIC/share Face Value, UAHAMC name
VSPIF ''OTP Klasichniy''11 899 797.282 8934 113.301 000.00TOV "KUA "OTP KapItal"
VSPIF "UNIVER UA Mihaylo Grushevskiy Fond Derzhavnih PaperIv"8 031 486.042 0753 870.591 000.00TOV "KUA "UnIver Menedzhment"
VSPIF "UNIVER UA Taras Shevchenko Fond Zaoshchadzhen"1 224 291.763663 345.051 000.00TOV "KUA "UnIver Menedzhment"
PIF "Sofijivskiy"5 052 083.983 5641 417.531 000.00TOV "KUA "Iveks Esset Menedzhment"
VDPIF "KINTO-Kaznacheyskiy" PrAT "KINTO"3 295 327.6412 323267.41100.00PrAT "KINTO"
VDPIF"Altus-zbalansovaniy"3 595 011.796785 302.371 000.00"Altus assets aktivitis" TOV KUA
VDPIF "KINTO-Klasichniy" PrAT "KINTO"28 925 509.5646 319624.48100.00PrAT "KINTO"
VDPIF "Bonum optImum"320 380.468 84036.24100.00TOV "KUA" BONUM GRUP"
VDPIF "Altus-Depozit"4 546 333.101 2563 619.691 000.00"Altus assets aktivitis" TOV KUA
PIF KINTO-EkvItI PrAT "KINTO"4 883 180.654 1181 185.811 000.00PrAT "KINTO"
VDPIF "TASK Resurs"1 041 252.449531 092.601 000.00TOV "KUA "TASK-INVEST"
VSPIF "UNIVER UA Yaroslav Mudriy Fond AkcIy"3 103 688.274 383708.111 000.00TOV "KUA "UnIver Menedzhment"
VSPIF "OTP Fond AkcIy"5 811 937.794 340 6461.331.00TOV "KUA "OTP KapItal"
VIdkritiy specIalIzovaniy payoviy InvesticIyniy fond "VSI"1 928 452.461 4341 344.801 000.00TOV "KUA "VsesvIt"
VDPIF "UNIVER UA Volodimir Velikiy Fond Zbalansovaniy"1 653 618.985742 880.861 000.00TOV "KUA "UnIver Menedzhment"
VS PIF "Argentum"1 450 147.7425 52156.82100.00TOV "KUA OZON"

Open-ended funds' NAV dynamics in 04.2019 - 04.2020

Rate of Return in April 2020