UAIB Interaction with the State Bodies

The UAIB closely interacts with all state government bodies, in particular, with those regulating investment business and asset (fund) management activity. The interaction between the UAIB and the National (former 'State') Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC) is conducted in line with the Memorandum on Cooperation and the Agreement on Interaction between the UAIB and the State Property Fund of Ukraine defines the frames for cooperation of the two organizations.

UAIB representatives are on the Coordination and Expert Councils created within the NSSMS and the National (former 'State') Commission for Financial Services Markets Regulation.

Key Figures
Total number of members311as at 19.01.21
Number of CII1510as at 19.01.21
Number of NPF*59as at 19.01.21
Number of NPF administrators18as at 19.01.21
Number of AMC304as at 19.01.21
IC Number*2as at 30.11.20

407 813

as at 30.11.20