Ranking of AMC & CII

Rankings of AMC are prepared on a quarterly basis for AMC of CII excluding venture funds and AMC of venture CII separately.
Rankings of CII are prepared on a quarterly and annual basis - depending on the certain criteria of ranking.
Rankings ofdiversified CII with public issueby fund class(i.e. asset structure) are prepared on a quarterly basis and effective starting from Q4 2011.
Ranking is based on data provided by the member companies and is carried out according to the Methodology of ranking of asset management companies and collective investment institutions (unit and corporate investment funds)* devised and adopted by UAIB with the respective amendments as regards funds classes coming into effect from 31.12.2011.
Criteria for classes of equity funds, bond funds, mixed (investments) funds, money market funds are in line or close to elaborated and adopted in the EU** and also take into account the current legislation of Ukraine and the regulations of the National (former - State) Securities and Stock Market Commission as regards the allocation and structure of assets of diversified CII.
The main aim of this type of rankings is to provide additional information to the rankings by types of funds which have been prepared before so that to give most accurate approach showing the comparable figures/results of the funds. This is achieved by the classification which is based on the funds' actual and up-to-date portfolio structure rather than their names or claimed investment strategy.
* Available on the website in Ukrainian only.
** See European Fund Classification (EFC) by the European Fund Categorization Forum (EFCF) – a working group of EFAMA.

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Key Figures
Total number of members304as at 29.09.20
Number of CII1521as at 29.09.20
Number of NPF*60as at 29.09.20
Number of NPF administrators15as at 29.09.20
Number of AMC279as at 29.09.20
IC Number*2as at 31.08.20
AuM, UAH M393 401as at 31.08.20