Partner Associations and Educational Institutions in Ukraine

In 2000, an Agreement on creation of theCoordination and Expert Council of Self-Regulatory Organisations of Stock Market - the UAIB, the First Stock Trading System (PFTS) and the Professional Association of Registrars and Depositories (PARD) came into effect.

The UAIB is continuing to expand cooperation with theNational Association of Non-State Pension Fundsand their Administrators, theUkrainian Society of Evaluators, theSociety of Financial Analysts, the Association for Investors' Rights Protection.

Cooperation has been established with theUkrainian Institute for Stock Market Development, theInternational Institute of Business, and Kyiv Institute of Investment Management.

The UAIB is one of the founders of theCoordination and Expert Center of Entrepreneurs' Association that has about fifty non-state member-organisations.

Key Figures
Total number of members304as at 29.09.20
Number of CII1521as at 29.09.20
Number of NPF*60as at 29.09.20
Number of NPF administrators15as at 29.09.20
Number of AMC279as at 29.09.20
IC Number*2as at 31.08.20
AuM, UAH M393 401as at 31.08.20