Monthly Performance Review of Publicly Offered CII in Ukraine. January 2020

10 February 2020

According to the results of the month, the UX index decreased by -0.40%, and the PFTS index decreased by -0.084%.

By the rate of return for a month, the sectors of CII with public issue had the following breakdown of the results: open-ended funds (+2,14%), closed-end funds took second place (+0.65%), interval funds were the third (-0,03%).


According to the UAIB, the value of the net assets (NAV) of 14 open-ended CII as at January 2020 amounted to UAH 65.66M. According to the data provided at the end of December, the total increase of net assets amounted toUAH 837.53k (-3.55%). The net capital outflow in the sector amounted to UAH -202.61k.  

У січні діапазон доходності інвестфондів коливався в межах від +7,83 до +0,08%. За підсумками місяця всі фонди завершили місяць зі зростанням показників рівня доходності.

In January, the scope for rates of return of open-ended funds ranged from +7.83% to +0.08%. As of the end of the month, all funds recorded a positive change in NAV.

According to the results of January, the following funds were the leaders of growth in the sector of open-ended CII:

«UNIVER.UA/Iaroslav Mudryi: Fond Aktsii» (+UAH 127.77k (+9.36%)) - due to the additional placement of certificates (+1.42% in circulation) a net inflow of UAH 19.57k was obtained;

«UNIVER.UA/Myhailo Grushevskyi: Fond Derzhavnyh Paperiv» (+UAH 216.58k (+2.87%) - increase in NAV was due to positive revaluation of the portfolio;

«Altus – Depozyt» (+UAH 92.52k (+2.21%)) – there was no additional placement of certificates, the increase in NAV was due to the positive revaluation of the components of the investment portfolio.

The following funds made the biggest payments to investors in December:

 «KINTO-Klasychnyi» (+UAH 135.77k (+0.47%)) - the redemption of certificates from investors (-0.53% in circulation), led to a net capital outflow of UAH 156.27k;

«KINTO-Ekviti» (-UAH 23.92k (-0.49%)) - investors' filing for redemption of 39 certificates resulted in losses of the fund of UAH 45.46k;

 «KINTO-Kaznacheiskyi» (+UAH 105.41k (+4.50%)) - investors' filing for redemption of 43 certificates resulted in losses of the fund of UAH 10.44k.

«KINTO-Klasychnyi» (44.54% of the total NAV (UAH 29.25M)) took the first place among the open-end CII in terms of market share, the second one was the «UNIVER.UA/Myhailo Grushevskyi: Fond Derzhavnyh Paperiv» (11,82% of total NAV (UAH 7.76M)), the third got the fund «Sofiivskyi» (7.81% (UAH 5.12M)). Fourth place was taken by the fund «KINTO-Ekviti» (7.43% (UAH 4.88M), the fund «Altus – Depozyt» (6.72% (UAH 4.41M)) closes the top five.

The following funds were among the leaders in terms of rate of return:

«UNIVER.UA/Iaroslav Mudryi: Fond Aktsii» (+7.83%), «KINTO-Kaznacheiskyi» (+4.95%) and «Nadbannia» (+3.71%).

The “worst” indicators in January were demonstrated by funds:   «TASK Resurs» (+0.08%), «KINTO-Ekviti» (+0.45%) and «UNIVER.UA/Volodymyr Velykyi: Fond Zbalansovanyi» (+0.94%).



In January, the review included 2 interval CII, whose net assets, according to UAIB, amounted to UAH 2.42M. Compared to the indicators of this sector at the end of the previous month, the total NAV increased by UAH 16.75k (+0.70%).

Payments to investors in January were not recorded in the sector, so there were no changes in net capital.

Based on the rate of return, funds in the sector had the following breakdown of

the results:  «PARYTET» (+0.68%) та «TASK UKRAINSKYI KAPITAL» (-0.73%).


The net asset value of 2 closed-end CII included in January review, at the end of the month amounted to UAH 12.26M. According to the provided data, the total NAV of these funds increased by UAH 199.72k (+1.76%).

Based on the rates of return, funds in the sector had the following breakdown of the results: «Indeks Ukrainskoi Birzhi» (+1.83%) and «TASK Universal» (-0.54%).

Key Figures
Number of AMC297as at 25.05.20
Number of CII1445as at 25.05.20
Number of NPF*60as at 25.05.20
IC Number*2as at 31.03.20
AuM, UAH M366 825as at 31.03.20