Monthly Performance Review of Publicly Offered CII in Ukraine. October 2023

14 November 2023
Monthly Performance Review of Publicly Offered CII in Ukraine. October 2023

In October, Ukrainian stock exchanges ended the month with the following indicators: the UX index decreased by -8.73%, the PFTS index again ended the month "at zero".

In October, the sectors of public collective investment institutions according to the rate of return index "since the beginning of the year" were distributed as follows: closed-end funds +13.98% (+3.03% for the month)) and open-ended CIIs - +12.08% (+0.37%) for the month), there are no data on interval CIIs.


According to UAIB, the value of net assets (NAV) of 16 open-ended CIIs as at October 31, 2023 wasUAH 147.83 M. According to the indicators at the end of October, the total decrease of NAV amounted to UAH - 3,578,89 k (-2.36%).

All funds of the sector ended the month mainly with an increase in the level of rate of return, only five funds "went into the red".The rate of return in the sector ranged from +2.37% to -2.52%.

According to the results of October, the following funds became the leaders in attracting investors' funds:

 "VSI" (+UAH 105.79 k (+4.57%)) - increase in NAV and additional placement of investment certificates (+4.27% in circulation) allowed the fund to receive + UAH 99.10 k in net capital inflow;

 "KINTO-Klasychnyi" (+UAH 200.56 k (+0.85%)) - likewise, due to the increase in the NAV and the additional placement of 9 pcs. of investment certificates (IC), the fund received + UAH 4.79 k of net capital inflow;

"KINTO-Kaznacheyskyi" (+UAH 107.26 k (+2.45%)) - due to the increase in NAV and additional placement of IC (+0.10% in circulation), the fund received "net" +UAH 4.44 k.

The following funds made the largest payments to investors in October:

"OTP Klasychnyi"  (-UAH 3,389.70 k (-4.52%)) - the purchase of a significant number of investment certificates from fund's participants (-5.97% of IC in circulation) led to a net outflow of capital in the amount of -UAH 4,526.98 k  ;

"OTP Fond Aktsii" (-UAH 681.08 k (-6.21%)) - the net outflow of capital was - UAH 403.11 k, which is connected with the purchase of investment certificates from investors (-3.76% in circulation).

The list of the main sector's players in October was as follows: the first place among open-ended CIIs in terms of market share was taken by the "OTP Klasychnyi"  fund (48.46% of the total NAV (UAH 71.64 M)), the second place was taken by the "KINTO-Klasychnyi" fund (16.13% (UAH 23.84 M), the third place was held by the  "OTP Fond Aktsii" (6.96% (UAH 10.28 M )). Fund "UNIVER.UA/Yaroslav Mudryi: Fond Aktsii" took the fourth position (5.91% (UAH 8.74 M )),fund  "UNIVER.UA/Mykhailo Hrushevskyi: Fond Derzhavnykh Paperiv" took the honorable fifth place (4.45% (UAH 6.58 M)).

The following funds demonstrated the highest level of rate of return:

"KINTO-Kaznacheyskyi" (+2.34%), fund  "UNIVER.UA/Mykhailo Hrushevskyi: Fond Derzhavnykh Paperiv" (+1.54%) and "OTP Klasychnyi"  (+1.54%).

The lowest indicators of changes in the value of investment certificates of securities in October were shown by the funds "OTP Fond Aktsii (-2.52%), "UNIVER.UA/Yaroslav Mudryi: Fond Aktsii"  

(-1.35%) and "KINTO-Ekviti" (- 0.28%).


The data provided was not enough to evaluate the performance of interval CII in October.


The value of the net assets of two closed-end CIIs, which were included in the review for October, amounted to UAH 7.03 M at the end of the month. According to the provided indicators, the total NAV of these funds increased by +UAH 192.83 k (+2.82%) compared to last month.

Rate of return in the sector was as follows: "KINTO-Hold" (+6.02%) and "Indeks Ukrainskoi Birzhi" (+0.03%).

Key Figures
Total number of members284as at 03.07.24
Number of AMC279as at 03.07.24
Number of NPF administrators17as at 03.07.24
Number of CII1793as at 03.07.24
Number of NPF*53as at 03.07.24
IC Number*1as at 31.05.24
AuM, UAH M633 200as at 31.05.24
NPF assets under administration, UAH M2 918as at 31.05.24