Monthly Performance Review of Publicly Offered CII in Ukraine. July 2021

18 August 2021

For the second month in a row, Ukrainian stock exchanges closed with a decline: the UX index decreased by -2.36%, the PFTS index - by -1.15%.

By the rate of return, sectors of CII with public issue had the following breakdown of the results:

closed-endl CII (+4.79% (+1.63% for month)), open-ended (+4.76% (+0.39% for month)) and interval funds (-0.64%(-0.32% for month)).



According to the UAIB, the value of the net assets (NAV) of 15 open-ended CII as at 30 July 2021 amounted to UAH 174.79M. According to the data provided at the end of June, the total increase of net assets amounted to UAH 4,819.15k (+3.46%).

The scope for rates of return of open-ended CII ranged from +2.86% to -0.72%.

According to the results of July, the following funds were the leaders of growth in the sector of open-ended CII:   

“OTP Fond Aktsii”  (+UAH 5,634.74k (+7.52%)) - due to the positive revaluation of the portfolio components and due to the significant placement of certificates (+6.60% in circulation) received the largest net inflow of capital in the sector in the amount of UAH 4,972.78k;

KINTO-Kaznacheiskyi” (+UAH 45.37k (+1.00%)) - due to additional investment of investors (+ 0.25% in circulation) and growth of the investment portfolio, the fund received UAH 11.31k of net capital inflows.

The largest payments to investors in July were made by the following funds:

OTP Fond Aktsii” (-UAH 40.67k  (-0.29%)) – the largest net outflow in the sector, which is associated with the redemption of a small number of certificates from investors (-0.70% in circulation), led to an outflow of net capital in the amount of UAH 112.70k;

“KINTO-Klasychnyi” (+UAH 110.08k (+0.34%)) – despite the positive revaluation of the components of the investment portfolio, the redemption of the fund participants 48 investment certificates caused a net outflow of capital in the amount of UAH 34.32k;

“KINTO-Ekviti” (UAH 4.41k (-0.09%)) – payments to investors (-0.34% in circulation) led to a net outflow of capital UAH 17.91k.

OTP Klasychnyi” (46.12% of the total NAV (UAH 80.61M)) took the first place among the open-ended CII in terms of market share, the second one was the “KINTO-Klasychnyi” (18.64% of total NAV (UAH 32.58M)), the third got the fund “OTP Fond Aktsii” (8.12% (UAH 14.19M). Fourth place was taken by the fund “UNIVER.UA/Iaroslav Mudryi: Fond Aktsii(4.99% (UAH 8.72M), the fund “UNIVER.UA/Myhailo Hrushevskyi: Fond Derzhavnykh Paperiv” (4.82% (UAH 8.42M)) closes the top five.

The following funds were among the leaders in terms of rate of return:

“Nadbannia” (+2.86%), “OTP Klasychnyi” (+0.86%) and ”KINTO-Kaznacheiskyi” (+0.75%)

The worst indicators in June were demonstrated by funds: 

“VSI” (-0.72%), Sofiivskyi” (-0.57%) and “TASK Resurs” (-0.15%)


In July, the review included 1 interval CII, whose net assets, according to UAIB, amounted to UAH 836.28k.

Due to the lack of information for the past period, it is impossible to make a comparative analysis for July 2021.


The net asset value of 3 closed-end CII included in July review, at the end of the month amounted to UAH 16.55M. According to the provided data, the total NAV of these funds increased by UAH 272.94k (+1.68%).

No fund made payments to investors and did not attract their funds, so no changes in net capital in the sector were recorded.

Based on the rates of return, funds in the sector had the following breakdown of the results:

Key Figures
Total number of members313as at 25.10.21
Number of AMC307as at 25.10.21
Number of NPF administrators19as at 25.10.21
Number of CII1647as at 25.10.21
Number of NPF*56as at 25.10.21
IC Number*2as at 31.08.21
AuM, UAH M491 778as at 31.08.21
NPF assets under administration, UAH M2 105as at 31.08.21