Monthly Performance Review of Non-state Pension Funds in Ukraine. November 2022

12 December 2022

According to UAIB, the total net asset value (NAV) of 56 private pension funds as at 30.11.2022 amounted to UAH 2,332.28 M. According to the indicators as at the end of October, the total increase of NAV amounted to +UAH 22.23 M.

The vast majority of funds in the sector ended the month with an increase in net value of a unit of pension contributions (UNV), only 16 recorded a decrease. The scope of changes of UNV ranged from +5.23% tо -13.02%.

According to the results of November, the following funds became the leaders in terms of growth in the net value of the pension unit:

ONPF "VSI" (+5.23%), ONPF "NIКА" (+5.11%) and OPF "Pensiinyi Kapital" (+3.24%).

The lowest indicators of changes in the net value of a pension unit in November were demonstrated the following funds:

ONPF "ZOLOTYI VIK" (-13.02%), OPF "SOTSIALNYI STANDART" (-7.33%) and  ONPF "Ukrainskyi Pensiinyi Kontrakt" (-6.94%).

Key Figures
Total number of members284as at 20.05.24
Number of AMC279as at 20.05.24
Number of NPF administrators16as at 20.05.24
Number of CII1785as at 20.05.24
Number of NPF*52as at 20.05.24
IC Number*1as at 31.03.24
AuM, UAH M616 160as at 31.03.24
NPF assets under administration, UAH M2 908as at 31.03.24