ZNVPIF "Suchasni investiciyni tehnologiji"

Asset management company PrAT "KUA "Altera Esset Menedzhment"
Security denomination 100.00
Registration date21.11.2005
Standards reached at21.05.2006
Fund closing date21.11.2055
EDRISI (Fund’s state registration code) 233239
Diversified Non-diversified
Type of fund (open-ended / interval / closed-end) Закритий строковий
Corporate fund (CIF) / Unit fund (UIF) / Pension fund (NPF) UIF
Venture fund / Non-venture fund Venture
Issuance (type of offer/placement) Private
Key Figures
Total number of members283as at 12.04.24
Number of AMC278as at 12.04.24
Number of NPF administrators16as at 12.04.24
Number of CII1784as at 12.04.24
Number of NPF*53as at 12.04.24
IC Number*1as at 31.01.24
AuM, UAH M608 656as at 31.01.24
NPF assets under administration, UAH M2 815as at 31.01.24