ZNVPIF "Investiciyniy soyuz"

Asset management company PrAT "KUA "Altera Esset Menedzhment"
Security denomination 100.00
Registration date25.06.2005
Standards reached at25.12.2006
Fund closing date25.06.2055
EDRISI (Fund’s state registration code) 233179
Diversified Non-diversified
Type of fund (open-ended / interval / closed-end) Закритий строковий
Corporate fund (CIF) / Unit fund (UIF) / Pension fund (NPF) UIF
Venture fund / Non-venture fund Venture
Issuance (type of offer/placement) Private
Key Figures
Total number of members283as at 12.04.24
Number of AMC278as at 12.04.24
Number of NPF administrators16as at 12.04.24
Number of CII1784as at 12.04.24
Number of NPF*53as at 12.04.24
IC Number*1as at 31.01.24
AuM, UAH M608 656as at 31.01.24
NPF assets under administration, UAH M2 815as at 31.01.24