Zakritiy nediversif kovaniy venchurniy payoviy nvestic yniy fond "Evante"

Asset management company TOV "KUA "Vsesv t"
Security denomination 1 000.00
Registration date05.12.2012
Standards reached at11.09.2013
Fund closing date05.12.2042
Diversified Not kind
Fund type Закритий строковий
Venture/Not venture Venture
Emission Private
Key Figures
Total number of members312as at 07.12.21
Number of AMC306as at 07.12.21
Number of NPF administrators19as at 07.12.21
Number of CII1695as at 07.12.21
Number of NPF*56as at 07.12.21
IC Number*2as at 30.09.21
AuM, UAH M507 806as at 30.09.21
NPF assets under administration, UAH M2 122as at 30.09.21