PVIFNZ "Innovaciyni sistemi"

Asset management companyPrAT "KUA" SLAVUTICh-INVEST"
Security denomination 1 000.00
Registration date22.03.2007
Standards reached at04.12.2007
Fund closing date21.03.2017
Diversified Not kind
Fund type Закритий строковий
Venture/Not venture Venture
Emission Private
Key Figures
Total number of members300as at 16.07.20
Number of CII1472as at 16.07.20
Number of NPF*60as at 16.07.20
Number of NPF administrators15as at 16.07.20
AMC Number297as at 16.07.20
IC Number*2as at 31.05.20
AuM, UAH M368 777as at 31.05.20