PAT "ZNKIF "Sinergiya Rial Isteyt"

Asset management company PrAT "KINTO"
Security denomination 10 000.00
Registration date29.07.2005
Standards reached at06.12.2005
Fund closing date26.05.2022
Diversified Diversified
Fund type Закритий строковий
Venture/Not venture Not venture
Emission Public
Key Figures
Total number of members313as at 24.09.21
Number of AMC307as at 24.09.21
Number of NPF administrators20as at 24.09.21
Number of CII1623as at 24.09.21
Number of NPF*56as at 24.09.21
IC Number*2as at 31.07.21
AuM, UAH M483 907as at 31.07.21
NPF assets under administration, UAH M2 084as at 31.07.21