PIF "Iveks Ekviti"

Asset management company TOV "KUA "Iveks Esset Menedzhment"
Security denomination 1 000.00
Registration date23.09.2011
Standards reached at19.09.2012
Fund closing date21.09.2021
Diversified Not kind
Fund type Закритий строковий
Venture/Not venture Not venture
Emission -
Key Figures
Total number of members312as at 07.12.21
Number of AMC306as at 07.12.21
Number of NPF administrators19as at 07.12.21
Number of CII1695as at 07.12.21
Number of NPF*56as at 07.12.21
IC Number*2as at 30.09.21
AuM, UAH M507 806as at 30.09.21
NPF assets under administration, UAH M2 122as at 30.09.21