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Monthly Performance Review of Publicly Offered CII in Ukraine. May 2019

After eight months of growth, in May Ukrainian stock market indexes slowed down and almost did not add: UX index increased only by +2.46%, PFTS index - by +0.86%.

All sectors of public collective investment institutions (CII) completed the month with negative indicators: sector of open-ended CII had the best performance since the beginning of the year by rates of return -0.64% (-0.44% for the month), sector of closed-end CII was in the second place with - 2.42% (-0.10% for the month), while interval CII were in the third place - -17.86% (-1.82% for the month).


According to the UAIB, the value of net assets of 14 open-ended CII as at 31.05.2019 amounted to UAH 67.11M. According to indicators as at the end of May, the total increase of NAV amounted to +UAH 306.42 thsd. (+0.46%).

The open-ended CIIs’ range of rates of return varied from +1.81% tî -8.96%.

According to the results of May, the leaders of the sector's growth were:

"VSI" (+UAH 121.71 thsd. (+8.36%)) - due to a positive revaluation of portfolio’s components and additional placement of certificates (+8.18% in circulation), fund received net inflow amounted to +UAH 119.06 thsd.;

"KINTO-Kaznacheiskyi" (+UAH 30.07 thsd. (+1.16%)) - due to attraction of investors' funds

(+0.68% in circulation) and growth of investment portfolio, the fund received UAH 17.75 thsd. of net inflow.

The largest payments to investors in May were made by the following funds:

"KINTO-Klasychnyi" (+UAH 161.60 thsd. (+0.52%)) - the redemption of 156 investment certificates from the fund's participants led to an outflow of capital in the amount of –UAH 99.23 thsd.;

"UNIVER.UA/Volodymyr Velykyi: Fond Zbalansovanyi" (-UAH 60.01 thsd. (-3.46%)) - due to presentation for redemption of 19 investment certificates, the fund experienced a net outflow of capital amounted to –UAH 54.94 thsd.;

"KINTO-Ekviti" (-UAH 5.58 thsd. (-0.10%)) - similarly, the decrease of value of investment portfolio’s components and redemption of 14 ICs from investors led to the fund’s loss of “net” –UAH 17.71 thsd.

The first place among the open-ended CII in terms of market share was taken by the "KINTO-Klasychnyi" fund (46.47% of the total NAV (UAH 31.18 M. )), the second one was the “UNIVER.UA/ Mykhailo Hrushevskyi: Fond Derzhavnykh Paperiv" (10.92% (UAH 7.33 M. )), the third-largest fund was "KINTO-Ekviti" (8.36% (UAH 5.61 M.)). The fourth place was fixed by the fund "Sofiivskyi" (7.54% (UAH 5.06 M.)), the "Altus-Deposyt" fund (6.29% (UAH 4.22 M. )) completed five of the sector’s leaders.

The highest rates of return were demonstrated by the following funds:

“UNIVER.UA/ Mykhailo Hrushevskyi: Fond Derzhavnykh Paperiv" (+1.81%), “UNIVER.UA/ Taras Shevchenko: Fond Zaoshchdzhen” (+1.22%) and “Altus Zbalansovanyi” (+1.08%).

The worst indicators of changes of their securities’ value in May were found in funds: "Nadbannia" (-8.96), "UNIVER.UA/Yaroslav Mudryi: Fond Aktsii" (-1.67%) and "Sofiiivskyi" (-1.22% ).


In May, the survey included 3 interval CII, whose net assets, according to UAIB, amounted to UAH 2.62 M. Compared with the indicators of this sector as at the end of the previous month, the aggregate NAV of funds decreased by –UAH 65.98 thsd. (-2.46%).

In May, no interval fund attracted investors' money.

All sector’s funds recorded a decrease of NAV, namely:

"Parytet" (-UAH 49.61 thsd. (-3.33%)), "TASK Ukrainskyi Kapital" (-UAH 15.10 thsd. (-1.58%)) and "Optimum" (-UAH 1.27 thsd. (-0.54%)) - the negative change of NAV occurred due to the reduction of investment portfolio components’ value.

Interval funds ended the month with a decrease of their securities’ value: “Parytet” (-3.33%), “TASK Ukrainskyi Kapital” (-1.58%) and “Optimum” (-0.54%).


The net asset value of 2 closed-end CII, which were included in the May survey, at the end of the month amounted to UAH 13.42 M. According to the provided indicators, the total NAV of these funds decreased by –UAH 13.00 thsd. (-0.10%).

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AMC Number 293 as at 21.08.19
CII Number 1 295 as at 21.08.19
NPF Number* 59 as at 21.08.19
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