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UAIB Directorate

Andriy Rybalchenko
Director General

Olga Trypolska
First Depury Director General

Valentyna Melnik
Chief Accountant

Legal Affairs

Natalia Melichenko
Depury Director General - Director of Legal Affairs

Katerina Lunova
Legal Adviser

Natalia Evtushenko
Legal Adviser

Monitoring and Analysis of Member Ñompanies

Nataliia Zelenetska
Director of Financial and Tax Policy 

Anastasiia Gavryliuk
Director of International Relations - Senior Analyst 

Serhiy Sinelnyk
System Administrator

Glib Scherbak

Communications & Administration

Liubov Pavliukh
Director of PR and Training

Valentyna Novychenko
Communications Manager

Maria Antonova

Vladimir Pirogov
Site Administrator

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Key Figures
AMC Number 294 as at 01.11.19
CII Number 1 309 as at 01.11.19
NPF Number* 61 as at 01.11.19
IC Number* 2 as at 30.09.19
AuM, UAH mln 349 966 as at 30.09.19
AuM - according to the reports of 282 AMC regarding 1308 CII, 60 pension funds and 2 insurance companies.
* With assets under management of AMC