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UAIB Management Bodies

The supreme management body of the UAIB is Annual General Meeting of the members.

The Association's everyday activities are conducted by the Directorate, which is coordinated and supervised by the Board.

Special tasks and aspects of operation of the UAIB are carried out by it's Committees & Commissions.

In the territorial dimension UAIB activities are supported by it's Representative Offices.

UAIB Board
UAIB Directorate
Committees & Commissions
Representative Offices
Key Figures
AMC Number 293 as at 21.08.19
CII Number 1 295 as at 21.08.19
NPF Number* 59 as at 21.08.19
IC Number* 2 as at 30.06.19
AuM, UAH mln 337 838 as at 30.06.19
AuM - according to the reports of 281 AMC regarding 1272 CII, 57 pension funds and 2 insurance companies.
* With assets under management of AMC