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Membership in the Association is contract-based, and the founders of Association do not have an advantage over other members of the Association. The procedure for admission of new members to the Association, as well as for termination of the membership in the Association are set forth in the UAIB internal documents (in particular, the Regulation on Membership).

Members of the Association shall be entitled to:

  • Obtain information about the activities of the Association and its bodies.
  • Participate in the General Meeting of the Association's members.
  • Vote on all issues brought for review of the General Meeting.
  • Participate in the election of the Association's management bodies and be elected to these bodies.
  • Participate in drafting of the documents that set forth main directions of the Association's activities, submit proposals and recommendations to the Board of the Association.
  • Use the Association's logo.
  • Use methodologies and material and technical means of the Association, as well as services, consultations and recommendations provided by the Association or its bodies.

Members of the Association shall be obliged to:

  • Comply with the requirements of the effective legislation and the Charter, as well as other regulations of the Association.
  • Participate in the activities of the Association.
  • Fulfill the decisions of the Association.
  • Promote reaching the goals and tasks of the Association by their activities.
  • Observe the rules and requirements of the Code of Disciplinary Measures, other internal documents of the Association.
  • Observe commercial competition rules.
  • Promote investor rights' protection.
  • Take measures to eliminate shortcomings and mistakes in the work, as required by the bodies of the Association.
  • Inform the bodies of the Association about the facts that may potentially influence the Association's activities, or about instances of non-compliance with the Charter.
  • Inform, according to the procedure established by the Association, about their activities and results.
  • Raise professional level and competence of their employees and oversee observance of the key requirements and objectives of the Association by them.
  • to pay membership fees in timely manner.
Key Figures
AMC Number 294 as at 01.11.19
CII Number 1 309 as at 01.11.19
NPF Number* 61 as at 01.11.19
IC Number* 2 as at 30.09.19
AuM, UAH mln 349 966 as at 30.09.19
AuM - according to the reports of 282 AMC regarding 1308 CII, 60 pension funds and 2 insurance companies.
* With assets under management of AMC