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What is an Asset Management Company and What are Its Functions?

Asset management company (AMC) is a legal entity that conducts a professional activity on the management of assets of collective investment institutions (CII) based on the licence issued by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission of Ukraine (NSSMC).
An AMC is entitled to:
  • Establish CII (unit/contractual ones);
  • Issue and place CII securities (with public or private offering); engage agents that place securities among the investors;
  • Exercise management of assets of CIIs (both unit/contractual ones and corporate ones) - allocate the CII money after they have been transferred to the CII’s account, into various assets with the aim to create a portfolio within the asset structure limits specified in the CII's Investment Declaration which is a part of its Rules and Prospectus;
  • Conduct research & analysis of the markets of potential objects for investments - securities, real estate and other assets which may constitute the CII assets;
  • Perform daily (for open-ended CII) revaluation of fund assets, draw up contracts on purchase and sale of assets, compile and submit reports for the state authorities that supervise and regulate the activities of AMC (in particular, NSSMC);
  • Carry out routine activities of CII.
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Key Figures
AMC Number 294 as at 01.11.19
CII Number 1 309 as at 01.11.19
NPF Number* 61 as at 01.11.19
IC Number* 2 as at 30.09.19
AuM, UAH mln 349 966 as at 30.09.19
AuM - according to the reports of 282 AMC regarding 1308 CII, 60 pension funds and 2 insurance companies.
* With assets under management of AMC